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Fields Legal Translation Service, a team of expert and experienced legal translators and interpreters, was founded in 2003 to deliver superior English and French legal translating and interpreting services to France's legal and business community and to the general public. Its founder, Granville Fields, a US-born legal language specialist who holds dual US and French citizenships, has lived and worked in France for over 35 years, is passionate about language and the law and combines these passions to deliver the high quality translating and interpreting services that businesses and law firms value.

We are committed to building collaborative relationships that transcend the usual roles of translator and client. Our practice areas are built not only on legal translating and interpreting experience, but also upon our knowledge and understanding of each client's industry. We aim to work as partners with clients.

Fields Legal Translation Service prides itself on being attuned to its clients' business objectives, sensitive to their culture and structured to deliver true value.