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Photocopies versus Originals

Please note that, in most cases, it is acceptable to attach a photocopy to the certified translation.

There are, however, some cases, such as when getting married in a French civil wedding at a city hall, where you will be required to attach the original of your documents (e.g., your birth certificate).

It would be impossible for us to know every situation in which an original document is required. Therefore you are responsible for understanding the required type of documentation needed for your particular needs. We cannot be held liable for any misunderstanding about requirements concerning original documents or any failure to provide them.

We strongly recommend, whenever you submit an original document to be certified and attached to your official certified translation, that you make photocopies before you turn over your original and that you keep them in your personal records.

We also suggest that you keep photocopies of certified translations issued to you. You never know when they may be useful.